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Using a holistic, combined modality approach to equine therapy and saddle fitting, we help horses and riders of every discipline eliminate the issues that stop them from reaching their goals and allow them to perform soundly and without pain.

Katherine Penner, Owner - Katherine Penner Equine Therapy Services

"Katherine has worked on both my horses since 2008. One of my horses had broken his shoulder, resulting in multiple muscle spasms all over his body on a regular basis. Once Katherine started working on him, he was remarkably more comfortable and made a solid recovering. To this day I still have Katherine come and work on him every few weeks."

Beth Thompson - Bekevar Farms

Main Services


Saddle Assessment

Katherine Penner is an independently accredited Certified Saddle Fitter.  She works with English and Western tack, and is able to assess and adjust any brand of saddle. More information.


Saddle Reflocking

Katherine Penner is an independently Certified Saddle Fitter, and is able to reflock any brand of saddle.  More information.


Conversions and Complete Reflocks

Converting foam, CAIR and FLAIR panels to wool, and replacing worn out wool can correct fit and give new life to your saddle. More information.



Katherine is a Certified Equine Therapist, specializing in a  holistic, combined modality approach to soundness and pain-free performance. More information.

About Us

At Katherine Penner Equine Therapy Services, we specialize in holistic equine therapy using a combined modality approach along with independent saddle fitting to help horses and riders of every discipline eliminate the issues that inhibit them from reaching their goals, and allow them to perform soundly without pain. Since every horse and situation is unique, we draw from a variety of tools, so that we are able to identify and eradicate the cause of the issue. Read more

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