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website 006Welcome to Katherine Penner  Equine Therapy Services. We specialize in holistic equine therapy using a combined modality approach along with independent saddle fitting to help horses and riders of every discipline eliminate the issues that inhibit them from reaching their goals, and allow them to perform soundly without pain. Since every horse and situation is unique, we draw from a variety of tools, so that we are able to identify and eradicate the cause of the issue.

One of the tools we use to accomplish this, include a combined modality approach to bodywork. This method incorporates the use of equine massage, acupressure, myofascial release, and structural rebalanncing. The benefit of this is that it allows us to view the horse as a whole, and address imbalances on many levels. For more information, see Equine Therapy.

We also off independent saddle fit assessment and saddle work. This includes on site custom re-flocking, strip flocking and conversions to wool, from CAIR, FLAIR and foam panels. Saddles connect the rider to their horse, and even slight inconsistencies in fit can cause impeded performance or discomfort. For more information, see Saddle Fit & Reflocking.

We serve horses and riders across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, including Langley, Surrey, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, Delta, White Rock and Chilliwack and are available for clinics across British Columbia.

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