Assessment and Reflocking Services

How to Get the Perfect Fit


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Katherine Penner is an independently accredited Certified Saddle Fitter.  She works with English and Western tack, and is able to assess and adjust any brand of saddle.  She offers saddle evaluation of the current fit, as well as assistance in finding the correct saddle for your needs.  She also re-flocks onsite, to customize the fit exactly to your horse’s shape, and correct any imbalances.





Katherine is also able to convert saddles containing CAIR, FLAIR, or foam panels to wool, to improve the fit of these saddles, and allow them to be adapted to the shape of the horse.  Strip flocking, for saddles that are already wool flocked but are overly compressed, is also available.

>For more information on what to expect at your first saddle assessment, see The Process.

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