Client Reviews

Beth Ray“Katherine has worked on both my horses since 2008. One of my horses had broken his shoulder, resulting in multiple muscle spasms all over his body on a regular basis. Once Katherine started working on him, he was remarkably more comfortable and made a solid recovering. To this day I still have Katherine come and work on him every few weeks.” (1/3)”Katherine also works on my other horse that has had soundness issues for years, after working with vets I was not getting answers so I tried a few sessions with Katherine. It has made a huge difference because she re-flock my saddle, since it did not fit him properly, and continues to adjust it as he gets stronger and changes shape. Katherine gives me exercises that are tailored to strengthen weaker areas that will help my horse’s performance in the show ring.” (2/3)”I strongly recommend Katherine; she genuinely cares about each horse she helps. Her knowledge and experience has brought me great success with my horses. I am very in tune with their bodies now and if anything ever feels funny I call Katherine and it’s fixed within one or two sessions.” (3/3)

Beth Thompson

website 001“Katherine is a great equine therapist and deeply cares about each horse that she works with. My horse pulled a muscle while playing in the field and was very sore. Katherine came to see her within 24 hours and made her a lot more comfortable within her first session. She worked with her once a week for a few weeks and helped her recover quickly. Katherine works on all of my horses regularly and I highly recommend her!”

Megan Lasynski



Rev Trot“We have been using Katherine Penner exclusively for any of our horses & ponies who exhibit physical limitations during training or are recovering from an injury. Katherine’s approach of individualizing each horses program quickly and easily addresses key issues. We have consistently had positive results and see physical improvements quickly. I am confident that our ponies will continue to benefit from Katherine’s knowledge and enthusiasm for many years to come.”

Samantha Eidsness

“For over a year I struggled to identiy what was wrong with my gelding Spyke – attitude or injury?  I contacted Katherine for saddle fitting and during the first appointment she identified that Spyke was struggling with a back problem.  Katherine began to work with him regularly and we have never looked back.  Spyke is getting stronger with each month.  He is eager to work and accepts any challange I present to him.  Katherine keeps Spyke aligned so training can be more effective. Spyke enjoys having Katherine work on his back – he practically falls asleep in the cross ties!”

Dr. Debbie Thompson Phd

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Conversions and Complete Reflocks

Converting foam, CAIR and FLAIR panels to wool, and replacing worn out wool can correct fit and give new life to your saddle. More information.


Saddle Reflocking

Katherine Penner is an independently Certified Saddle Fitter, and is able to reflock any brand of saddle.  More information.


Saddle Assessment

Katherine Penner is an independently accredited Certified Saddle Fitter.  She works with English and Western tack, and is able to assess and adjust any brand of saddle. More information.



Katherine is a Certified Equine Therapist, specializing in a  holistic, combined modality approach to soundness and pain-free performance. More information.