• Our Story

    How We Got Here

  • katherineanddolly024Katherine began her history with horses when she was thirteen.  After taking a summer camp, she came home with a lesson form that would launch her into the riding world.  Over the next five years, there would be three different trainers,  two barns, and four different leases, before she ended up buying her first horse.  Katherine continued training, predominantly in the Dressage and Jumper disciplines, taking with several different trainers over the next several years, and absorbing the best of what each of them had to offer.  She also rode a huge variety of horses, gaining experience in the endless number of ways horses learn and can be taught.
  • After a couple years of riding full time, Katherine began to look for a career in horses.  She found it when she had an equine therapist come work with her horse.  She was amazed by the improvement she felt in her horse's movement and suppleness.  After inquiring where she got her training, Katherine quickly applied to the British Columbia College of Equine Therapy.  Of course this would happen a month after the deadline for applications.  After joining the lengthy wait list, she got a lucky break in June and was off to begin the year in September.  Two years later, she graduated best in her class winning the Top Student Award.

During the course of her education and the six months post graduation, Katherine began to notice that many of her client’s saddles needed work or maintenance to correct their fit.  After attempting to find an independent local fitter to work with, and coming up empty handed, Katherine applied to The Saddle Fit and Reflocking School in South Carolina, to learn the skills herself.  After completing the six month course and apprenticeship, she became qualified as a Certified Saddle Fitter.

Katherine now serves the BC Lower Mainland, providing combined modality bodwork, saddle assessment, reflocking, and conversion services.

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