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    Your connection to your horse

bcs-ricochet-jumping-saddleKatherine Penner is an independently accredited Certified Saddle Fitter, for both English and Western saddles. For more information click here.



KatherineAndDolly001-TiIf you're not sure what to expect from your first appointment.  Click here for a step by step breakdown of the process.




website 001Having trouble choosing the right fitter for your needs?  Or not sure what to ask when talking to a potential candidate.  Click here for a list of questions and points to consider when finding the right saddle professional.



Saddle Assessment - $130

Onsite Saddle Reflock - $180-200*

Complete Strip Flock - $450

Conversion from CAIR or FLAIR panel - $500

Conversion from foam panel - $525

Current Saddle Assessment + Initial Bodywork Session - $200

*includes Saddle Assessment


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