The Saddle Fit Process

How to get the connection you want

website 006Now that you’ve booked your saddle fit assessment, here is a little bit about what to expect at your first appointment:

1. >Before looking at your saddle, Katherine will take a full history of your horse.  This will include any previous injuries, issues with the saddle or other tack, what style of riding you do, what your requirements are in terms of tack, etc.

2.>Once she acquainted, she will take a set of tracings of your horse’s back.  This will reveal his current shape as well as any asymmetrical aspects.

3.>She will then do a static assessment of your current tack, or saddles you have on trial.  If your saddle, or a saddle you have available, appears to be a good fit, she will ask you to ride in the saddle, so she can do a dynamic evaluation.  This ensures that the saddle doesn’t shift when the horse is in motion, and remains balanced.

4.>If the saddle has a fit issue, but can be corrected, Katherine will recommend the best method to address the problem.  This may be to spot flock the saddle on site, addressing any inconsistencies or uneven contact.  A strip flocking, if the wool has become overly compressed, or a conversion from a CAIR, FLAIR or foam panel.

5.>After the saddle has been adjusted, she will then do the dynamic evaluation to ensure there is a good fit, and you are satisfied with the results.


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