The Equine Therapy Process

Step-by-step process to soundness and performance

katherineanddolly071Now that you’ve booked your first session, here is some information about what to expect at your appointment:

  1. > Your appointment will take approximately an hour and a half
  2. > Katherine will begin by taking a full history, including previous injuries, soundness issues, level the horse performs at, specifics about the current issue, etc.
  3. > She will then do a dynamic assessment, watching the horse move to analyze any imbalances in the horse’s way of going.
  4. > After discussing the results,  Katherine will do a static assessment to determine what imbalances may be causing the issue.
  5. >Katherine will then use the appropriate modalities and methods to begin to alleviate the problem, and create a treatment schedule and plan that suites you, your horse, and situation.


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